Welcome to jackfruit mail website

Welcome to Nissi Jackfruit mail - the bulk mailing product with many choices. Now start your marketing on click of button. Here are the features of Nissi Jackfruit mail v-1.

1. Pre-create email templates
2. Store/save/Select the emails - department / category wise
3. Create bulk mail
  • a. Send immediately
  • b. Send latter
  • c. Schedule
4. Give each user/each department their own user name & password so that each department mails / templates can be managed separately
5. View scheduled mails - and stop, hold,delete
6. View the reports on bulk mail delivery with following reports
  • a. Read
  • b. Unread
  • c. Hit url - click
  • d.Unsubscribed
7. Rights creation
  • a. Give some rights only to some staff
  • b. Give all rights to some staff

8.Creating of departments / categories
Create categories and store the emails in that category for future easy access.

Reach Us
Nissi Infotech Private Limited,
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TV Samy road (west extension),
R.S.Puram. Coimbatore, India.
Mobile No:- +91- 99940 93339